7 podcasts to Enhance Your professional and Personal Life

Many of us have a commute to work and take that time as a quiet getaway from our hectic days by listening to music, the news, or taking time to enjoy the silence. This time also offers perfect opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and help enhance our professional and personal lives.

I have been addicted to podcasts for about 8 years now and I can honestly say that they have improved my life immensely. Listening to podcasts helped me repair my marriage, improve my confidence, and continues to be a primary source of education for me that makes all aspects of my life better.

Podcast Tip:

Did you know that you can listen much faster than you can speak? We can speak at a rate of 125 words per minute but can process 400 words per minute, with some practice. I set my podcast app to play at 1.5 the normal speed. It helps prevent stray thoughts so I can more fully focus on the content. Worst case scenario, I pause the podcast and take note of a thought or revelation.

The Leadx Show with Kevin Kruse

Kevin interviews some the top leadership experts and business executives for their best career advice, management tips and ends the show with a challenge to be just 1% better at the end of each show. After all, as Peter Cohen once said “There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.” Find it here: https://leadx.org/leadership-podcast/

99% Invisible

This show is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and designs that shape our world.  It demonstrates the immense impact such small things can have in our daily lives and on society at large. It’s a great way to understand the world we’ve constructed and provides some great conversation pieces. Find it here: https://99percentinvisible.org/

The Jordan Harbinger Show (Formally the Art of Charm)

Here you will find strategies to improve your career, confidence and lifestyle. With guests like Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin and Simon Sinek, the insights are nearly endless and have practical advice that’s easily applied to your life. Find it here: https://theartofcharm.com/category/podcast-episodes/

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This podcast is excellent at helping develop vision and perspective. Lewis interviews a diverse range of of intelligent, inspirational and positive thinking people. With thought provoking conversation, you’re bound to come away with ideas to enhance your life. Find it here: https://lewishowes.com/blog/

The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore

If you work in sales or engage with clients in any way, you do not want to miss this podcast! Jeff is dedicated to helping you understand your customers, and their thought process during the purchase cycle. He explores the psychology behind those thought patterns; the obvious and subtle considerations that will lead someone to buy (or often not buy). Find it here: https://jeffshore.com/podcast/

Success Unfiltered with Michelle Weinstein

Michelle explores intimate and inspiring stories of being in business with her guests. Stories of rejection, being vulnerable, and overcoming obstacles which all combine in  creating their version of success. Find it here: https://www.thepitchqueen.com/podcast-success-unfiltered/

The One You Feed with Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes

We all struggle with our inner voices at one time or another and this podcast will help you see the positive things in your life and feed your soul. This podcasts explores everything from anxiety, depression, mindfulness, Meditation, and the habits that will help shape a happier life. It’s an excellent way to improve your outlook which inevitably transfers to all aspects of your life. Find it here: http://www.oneyoufeed.net/category/featured/

Do you have a podcast that has impacted your life? I’m always adding to my list and would love to hear what you’re listening to!