Media Mall reimagines the traditional marketing agency model to create a fresh and dynamic creative collective that’s totally unique.


Located in Ottawa South, Media Mall is a group of creative production and marketing experts based in Ottawa working under one roof with THE collective goal of producing outstanding results. We’re not an agency, nor a traditional co-working space, but rather a combination of the two. We have the flexibility of independent companies, yet enjoy the cohesion of a single organization.

Each member is an established company that has decided to work together to create something new, something bigger, something that takes a team to forge.

Media Mall is a unique concept in marketing, where we have so far assembled  16 different companies in various areas of media, marketing, and promotional production under one roof to create the largest marketing production facility that we are aware of in Canada.

With over 12, 000 sq ft of space, we incorporate office space for each of our member companies, two state of the art boardrooms, a green screen video studio, a photography studio, a recording studio, and more into one facility where our clients are invited to meet with a representative from each company required for their project.

What this means for our clients.

We’d like to get to know you. In fact, we insist on it. Before we initiate any project on behalf of a client we take the time to understand you, your business, your competition, and most importantly, your customers. This sets the stage for what materials and resources your company needs in order to be successful.

This means that clients are speaking to experts in every field, creating greater transparency and the most current industry information we can provide. When everyone is in the room at the same time, we are able to expand on each others ideas on the spot, meaning that projects we do for our clients are more creative, more cohesive, completed faster, and less costly as well. We provide project management services to make sure both member companies and clients are kept on track and on schedule.

A  fresh approach to marketing, for each & every project.

Media Mall hosts a select group of 16 independent companies, 50 plus professionals and over 70 services under one roof.

Each of our member companies operates independently as a successful small business. Our members bring passion, drive and laser-sharp expertise in their fields. That alone is worth a visit.

But wait – there’s more!  Media Mall really shines when our members come together to tackle complex, multi-faceted projects. As a Media Mall client, you’ll benefit by meeting the entire creative team under the same roof. You describe your challenge and we’ll work together to craft a truly integrated marketing solution. We’ll save you time and money – and did we mention there’s a delectable cafe on site? Because you should absolutely stay for lunch!

Come and experience the Media Mall space for yourself. Grab a coffee in the kitchen and have a conversation with one of the member companies in the lounge or one of the meeting rooms.