What does membership mean?

The simple explanation? Members of Media Mall are part of the only organization of its kind. You still run your business, your way and we don’t get involved. All it means is that you are closer to the other industries you can work with and together we have an opportunity to market our services like never before.


Developing Media Mall has taken a lot of work. For almost 2 years now we’ve been doing a lot of planning, research, building, and spending to make this a reality. We’re about transparency for our clients, but also for our members. Take a look below to get an idea of what’s gone into it so far.


We’ve lost track of every hour but so far at least 5000 hours of development time in:

  • design
  • planning
  • code
  • construction


We have at this point spent in the neighborhood of $250, 000 to build Media Mall. This includes:

  • a 14, 000 sq. ft facility
  • all new carpet
  • new walls, new paint
  • 2 new kitchens
  • a new video studio
  • a new photo studio
  • new member offices
  • 100 linear feet of glass walls
  • new state of the art networking components and wifi
  • common data storage to make projects easy
  • combined time and effort of over a dozen companies to plan, design, and build Media Mall’s physical and digital presence


What we’ve bought that won’t cost you a dime:

  • 2 data servers for shared data storage
  • 3 managed HP switches to manage data and telephone traffic
  • A hardware firewall to keep your data safe
  • A 250 Mbps down AND up internet connection for blazing speed
  • 5 TV’s so far and a new projector for the main boardroom
  • over 30 feet of floor to ceiling glass whiteboard to make your meetings awesome
  • 2 brand new kitchens including stainless fridges, microwaves, and dishwashers
  • 2 boardroom tables and 20 chairs
  • FURNISHED offices. That’s right, your office comes furnished (not everything, but the big stuff anyway. At least $750 worth of new furniture per office)


The plan is simple. To be the best possible provider of any marketing service available, period. We are starting in Ottawa but hope to take it farther. Why are we better? Because we work together better than any other provider can. We meet face to face, we work side by side. Though we are our own companies, we are a team.


Media Mall does NOT want your company. We don’t want any part of it. We lay claim to nothing you have or do. Operate your business as you usually do and don’t tell us any more than you have in the past. You lease your space within Media Mall from the building owner and pay Media Mall a membership fee to cover building costs, that’s it.


NOTHING. well.. referrals and your membership fee, but that’s it. We believe that by creating this collaborative space we will ALL benefit and so far, with over a year of testing with clients, they think so too. Clients are getting better work by more creative and passionate, though smaller and less expensive teams. We’re so confident in this concept that we’ve thrown in a few extras as a welcome gift.


It’s pretty simple really. Do what you are doing now. but better. Come to work each day, unlock your door, and do what you do. But do it in a brand new office. Use one of the two state of the art boardrooms that are available, relax or work in a lounge, or sit at one of the counters in one of the kitchens. All of these things come as part of your membership fee, no extra costs. When Media Mall finds a new client that needs your services, we’ll ask you to join the meeting and ask you to quote your part. Maybe your neighbor has a job for you or you have one for him, that’s up to you two, refer away! Members may or may not ask or give commissions between jobs, just like you do now. It’s up to you.


We think that it’s getting easier and easier for clients to find suppliers all over the world, but it’s getting harder and harder to find ones they connect with; that really understand and bridge that gap between supplier and team member. We want to be part of our client’s team. Teams rely on each other and these relationships last. As a group, we have the ability to draw clients like never before and to really show them what we can do.


No, we are not crazy, or rich.. we’re a small team but we believe in the idea that small businesses can work together to become more than the sum of their parts. We’ve invested a ton of money to make this happen, and we’re prepared to invest more because it is our plan to provide the sales team that goes out to find the new jobs. We provide administration, project management and graphic design. These core services are staples in any project. We’d like  you, as members, to refer your clients or your own work in these fields to us when and if it makes sense. We can help provide the smooth flow a project needs, or the research time or design time to make your own projects shine. We’re here when needed for you and the rest of the time we’re out finding you business because in doing so, we’re finding US business.


I also hate it when you get a whole bunch of ‘this is why we’re awesome’ followed by a price tag that’s ridiculous.. so we’re not going to do that to you. In fact, I bet you might not believe this next part:


Membership is currently $475.00 per month, plus the rental cost of your space which is equivalent to $1.00 per square foot per month. For example, we have a couple of offices that are about 150 sq.ft. So your total monthly cost would be $475 + $150 for a total of $625/month.

We also ask all members to donate 3 hours of time each month to create something from their service that benefits Media Mall as a group. For example, The video production company might make a promo video that takes 9 hours to do. He’s good for three months. The benefit here is that with 16 members (Our planned number) you’ll give 3 hours a month but you’ll GET 45 hours a month from the other 15 members. When we all promote Media Mall, we all benefit from it.

NOTE: We say ‘currently’ because costs do go up. We calculate the costs by taking the operating costs and dividing it by 16 members. You might ask how we are covering these additional costs until we have 16 members. We’re covering that. You do not need to pay any extra just because we aren’t full yet. However, if the internet provider increases costs or insurance goes up, we will adjust accordingly and always keep members aware of it.

Now, the good part. What do you get for this? look that way ->


A lot actually. First off all, we don’t ask you to participate in any of the start up costs. You get all the equipment provided for free. Now, if we decide to upgrade, or if something needs replacing, it will be a group discussion and we can decide how to go about it. The nice part is buying a new server or switch when split among 16 people is really pretty inexpensive.

Now, the rest of it:

  • Security Monitoring
  • Cleaning service in common areas twice a week
  • Group Data Servers, switches, firewall
  • A full time receptionist to be available to all members
  • A facilities manager to see for any problems that arise
  • Over 4000 sq ft of common space (boardrooms, lounge, kitchens, reception)
  • Fibre Optic Internet service to the building with wifi included
  • A promotional website maintained for you
  • Online and offline marketing
  • Continued exposure to potential clients
  • There are other things in the works as well


Get in touch and let’s talk business. Your business.