7 podcasts to Enhance Your professional and Personal Life

Many of us have a commute to work and take that time as a quiet getaway from our hectic days by listening to music, the news, or taking time to enjoy the silence. This time also offers perfect opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and help enhance our professional and personal lives.

Algonquin College Student Video Challenge

We had students come in this week from Algonquin College to take a tour of the Media Mall space. They had a chance to meet some of the Member companies and learn a little bit more about entering the work force. They were also presented with a challenge of creating a short video with footage that they were able to take. Below are the two submissions that we received.

Why Events Need to be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Your company can benefit greatly from participating in and holding events. I’m just going to jump start with a couple statistics to backup this idea. Your company can increase awareness and even become a leader in your industry by holding and participating in local or professional events. As humans, we are social creatures that develop […]

Do You Engage Your Audience With Online Video?

Last month I had a chance to sit down with Jesse Card who is the owner of House Edge Media, a video production studio here in Ottawa, and we had a great chat all about the implications of video and marketing for businesses both large and small. The general conclusion of the conversation: Video is extremely important and will become much more of a requirement for businesses.

entrance lobby in Ottawa at Media Mall Marketing

The joys of taking on a new role

People and conversations, that’s the quick summary of what I’ve found to be the best part of building Media Mall for me. The ability to sit down and have a conversation that begins with discussing the weather and then transitions into the state of business practices and modern marketing is something that I love. On Friday of last week I had the opportunity to have two separate and very insightful conversations with people at the the office.