Taking On a New Role

People and conversations, that’s the quick summary of what I’ve found to be the best part of Media Mall for me. The ability to sit down and have a conversation that begins with discussing the weather and then transitions into the state of business practices and modern marketing is something that I love. On Friday […]

New Starbucks restaurant layout is better for customers

Is adaptation a cornerstone in your business?

Continually improving the experiences customers have with you is part of what shows you care about them. Customers don’t always understand what they want until they see or experience it, so by anticipating those wants and applying improvements without being asked, you can really make your business stand out.

Ottawa's professional creative collective

We’ve Launched, so what’s next?

We now have 7 offices furnished and ready, two boardrooms which are available to both members and for people to rent as needed, and the two kitchens and common areas are done. There’s been an extraordinary amount of work completed.