CAPSA is a National leader on the topic of stigma, and has developed the Substance Use Health concept. This addresses systemic stigma and uses a strength-based health lens to substance use that does not presume illness.

The Challenge

The organization has been growing rapidly and required a reimagining of their online presence. With a growing team and a growing number of people engaging with CAPSA, the new website needs to remain adaptable to the changing needs of the organization.

Website Design & Development

A complete overhaul of the website resulted in a mobile friendly, WCAG Accessibility Compliant website that meets the needs of the organization and website visitors.

The website introduces visitors to what CAPSA aims to achieve, easily lets people access regular meetings and manages event sponsor registrations.


Continued Evolution

CAPSA expanded with new outreach programs shortly after the website launch. With the launch of a new podcast and the growth of the WOW Festival, the website required new areas to be created to house the the new content being developed.

Board Member Portal

The secure portal gives clinician access to information, a documents library, integrated google sheet with for equipment rentals along with an LMS (Learning Management System).

Administrators are able to manage users, add new course content, upload and organize downloadable documents and equipment availability is managed through Google Sheets.


The Results

The WordPress interface allows internal staff to easily update and manage content across the website with ease.

The board member portal is secured and managed by an admin and board members have different access levels based on specified permissions. This allows for an easily managed repository of documents that can be made accessible when positions change.

Services included: • Website Design & Development • UX Planning • WCAG Accessibility Compliance • Online Registration and Payment Processing • Secure Board Member Portal

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