Milton Heights Racing Club

CAPSA is a National leader on the topic of stigma, and has developed the Substance Use Health concept. This addresses systemic stigma and uses a strength-based health lens to substance use that does not presume illness.

The Goal

A website design that is more intuitive for visitors, giving people quick access to the more relevant information about the club, programs, events, and registration forms. Registered website users that using the integrated classifieds to post ski items for sale needed to be migrated.

The new website was to include an events calendar for upcoming events, maintain existing website users, a blog integrated with Mailchimp to emails post newsletters, and a shopping cart.

Website Design & Development

A complete overhaul of the website resulted in a mobile friendly, WCAG Accessibility Compliant website that meets the needs of the organization and website visitors.

The website introduces visitors to what CAPSA aims to achieve, easily lets people access regular meetings and manages event sponsor registrations.


Classifieds Section

Registered users are able to post and sell their items using the classifieds feature. Website administrators have the ability to manage categories and moderate posts.


The blog is a key component in sharing news and event updates with parents. the blog is also linked to Mailchimp, automatically emailing subscribed parents important updates.


The Results

The WordPress interface allows internal staff to easily update and manage content across the website with ease.

Services included: • Website Design & Development • UX Planning • WCAG Accessibility Compliance • eCommerce • Classified Ads • Events Calendar

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