The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada represents close to 200 members and partners across the country. Members transform raw materials like natural gas liquids, oil, minerals, electricity, plastic resins and biomass into the building blocks needed to manufacture some 70,000 products that we depend on every day. The Plastics Division represents the interests of the full plastics value chain including resin producers, processors/converters, equipment suppliers, recyclers and brand owners. CIAC provides coordination and leadership on key issues including innovation, investment, plastics, taxation, health and safety, environment, and regulatory initiatives.

The Challenge

After launching a new logo, the association was looking to adapt create a brand and content for a wider audience, helping keep people informed about what the chemical industry in Canada is doing. There was a desire to provide content for a broader audience and going beyond being a technical resource for the chemical industry.

Website Design & Development

The new website was to have manage a multi-author resource blog and be easily managed by internal Staff. It needed to be managed by internal staff and allow for additional features to be added on in the future. It is meant to act as a hub of industry information, giving people easy access to a wide range of materials and updated content.


Additional Materials

With new brand guidelines in place, a variety of additional materials were created which included a variety of reports, social graphics, and an infographic outlining the impact of the Chemical Industry in Canada.

Animated videos highlight the impact of the Chemical Industry in Canada along with the industries drive in eliminating plastic pollution to keep the environment and waterways free of resin and microplastics.


The Results

A recognizable brand with a robust multilingual website that the association staff are able to manage almost entirely on their own. Since the initial launch, the content has grown substantially and the website has been able to scale with the addition of new features and optimization.

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