Ottawa Network For Education

ONFE programs are addressing critical issues in Ottawa schools, removing barriers to learning, supporting student well-being, and boosting student success.

The Ottawa Network for Education partners with all four school boards and works side-by-side with teachers to meet the complex needs of our children and youth in both English and French. No other community organization has the same reach and ability to deliver much-needed programs to schools across the region.

The Challenge

Many of the ONFE programs had to quickly pivot in early 2020. This not only impacted how the programs run but also disrupted the ways in which the organization raised donations. There was also the need to show that ONFE runs a multitude of different programs across Ottawa.

With an active presence on various social media channels, they felt a need to improve engagement and awareness online. With the statistics from the various ONFE programs, they needed an engaging way of presenting that information.

Meet Clair - Animated Video

Showcasing ONFE's pillar programs in an open and friendly story based animation, Clair takes center stage. She is a student who runs into challenges throughout her school career. ONFE programs address help address these issues, everything from the Reading Program, the School Breakfast Program, JA Ottawa, and others.

Portions of the video were also recrafted for social media channels. This was part of an awareness campaign which extended the lifespan of the animated videos.


Program highlights

Several short animations was as part of this video to highlight the different programs that were not directly part of Clair's story. The animations created a personable and engaging video the demonstrates exactly how many kids benefit from these different programs and were an important part of the donation campaign.

The aim was to make people more aware that ONFE did more than just provide the School Breakfast Program and encourage more people to donate.

covid-19 Adapted Programs

Due to the changes in schools and life during the Covid-15 pandemic, many of the ONFE programs had to adjust how they reach students and continue providing continued support to kids and youth in need.

A new animation, following the style of Clair's Story, was created to show how the programs were adapted. This is further supported by statistics which show the impact these programs have each year.

The video was composed of three shorter videos that were used across social networks, presentations and on the website.



Windowsill Garden Project

A short animation was created to explain the new program Windowsill Garden project. With limited in class learning during the first half of 2021, the Classroom Gardens projects that engages local teachers and students in creating and tending to indoor gardens through hands-on gardening activities had to be adapted to virtual schooling.

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