Thomas Cavanagh Construction

In 1969, Thomas Cavanagh Construction incorporated with the purchase of its first aggregate production plant. Since then, the company has expanded into all sectors of the construction industry which now includes their own pits and quarries, an large fleet of heavy equipment and state-of-the-art facilities in Ottawa.

The Challenge

In a heavily competitive industry, based primarily on tender and bidding, it can be difficult to distinguish oneself from your competition. A stronger online presence was required to stay top of mind as an industry leader in the Ottawa valley.

Website Design & Development

A WordPress based website was designed and created to better showcase the services provided and available job opportunities. The look and feel of the the corporate website was used to help set the style for additional websites as the company expanded it's services and offerings.


Print Design

As the company expanded it's service and product offerings, a corporate profile was designed to demonstrate everything that the group of Thomas Cavanagh companies can provide.

Additional designs included logos for various developments, development sitemaps, large scale signage, and various printed materials.


Follow-up Website Development

After the completion of the corporate website, several additional websites were built over the following years to including. This Cavanagh Developments, which allowed people to view details on available lots and request more information. Cavanagh Concrete website was built to focus on aggregate products and concrete services.

The additional websites were kept inline with the visual style of the corporate website, maintaining a consistent brand across multiple companies.

The Results

As the Thomas Cavanagh group of companies continues to be a leading construction industry provider in the Ottawa area, we continue to work with them to grow and adapt the brand and their web presence.