Your brand is your promise, your reputation, and the words customers use to describe you.

Logo design is just a part of branding, albeit a critical one. Your brand encompasses everything your product means to customers, from the brand name and logo through customer service, company culture, product quality and the language you use in marketing.


We get to know the intimate details of your brand and organisation inside and out. From the strengths and weaknesses to the competition. We clearly establish where your brand lives which guides the visual direction of every element that follows. This includes everything from the logo, website design through print materials like business cards and signage.


This is where we develop your brand’s visual identity. Yes, this can include a logo but it’s much deeper than that; the job is to evoke an emotional response to clients and customers. We’ll create an array of options that intertwine with the Brand Strategy and memorable visual language that will resonate and linger with your audience. Simply put, we’ll make you memorable.