Website Design & Development Process.

Identifying Your Goals

Before the design and implementation of any project, we look forward to hearing about your short-term and long-term goals. Having an open dialogue with our designers helps us better understand what sort of creative vision you wish to accomplish. Things like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the website meant to accomplish?
  • What are the expectations for a new development?
  • Who are the competitors and how are you different?

Project Scope

We are entirely upfront about all services rendered in regards to your project. We outline exactly what you’ll receive from us right from the start! We make sure there are no hidden costs or fees for you to worry about.

Once we understand your project goals, we can define the scope of work. This will include an understanding of how many pages are required and what features should be included.

We will also discuss a timeline for completion and budget so that everyone is on the same page before starting the project. This way any potential changes or alterations during production can easily be addressed without having to worry about unexpected costs or delays.

Wireframing & UX Planning

Now we can start by creating the sitemap, outlining different page types, their relations and the overall structure. This will be the blueprint for the website and helps ensure the best user experience for your clients.


Now that your project has a clear base structure it’s time to create content for different pages. Our web designers will always develop your project with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to increase indexing speeds and higher rankings on search engines.

Quality content engage visitors to take actions necessary to fulfill intended goals


It’s important to keep in mind that testing isn’t one of the last steps of your project, it’s performed in every step of the way!

This ensures that the functionality of your project is fully optimized from the moment it’s created. We start manually browsing the all pages of the website through different platforms and browsers and identify any issues from user experience to broken links. we will make sure page titles, descriptions and image tags are properly in place.


Your project is ready to launch! Your product won’t go live until you’re fully satisfied with the completed package.

The contribution on your part is complete, however, BravaDesign continues to monitor and engage your final product for continual success in today’s ever-changing market. Your BravaDesign designer will always be a simple email or phone call away, so alterations to your project are fast and easy!