entrance lobby in Ottawa at Media Mall Marketing

The joys of taking on a new role

People and conversations, that’s the quick summary of what I’ve found to be the best part of building Media Mall for me. The ability to sit down and have a conversation that begins with discussing the weather and then transitions into the state of business practices and modern marketing is something that I love. On Friday of last week I had the opportunity to have two separate and very insightful conversations with people at the the office.

Nothing beats in-depth experience

I sat down with Jesse Card, who is the owner of House Edge Media and our video production member. I’ve known Jesse for a couple years now and with the first floor renovation complete, we’ve been able to discuss marketing a bit more, both for House Edge Media, and for Media Mall.

We talked about how video and digital storytelling have changed over the last 5 years. From podcasts and YouTube, to how marketing has adapted to better suit a generation that holds a supercomputer in their pocket. Speaking with Jesse underscored just how much there is to know about creating compelling video, and that’s still excluding the incredibly detail oriented tasks of planning, shooting, and editing.

Being the video guy, Jesse recorded our conversation along with a timelapse video of us chatting in his office. I’ll be posting the highlights of our conversation next week.

Engagement from all team members

I also had a meeting with our receptionist Renee, who’s really our front-desk-heroine, able to take on just about any challenge presented to her tadalafil canada. She is helping me organize our communication and marketing efforts, ensuring that tasks are completed, content is published, and that all of my typos and incomplete thoughts are dealt with.

As we talked, Renee pulled in her admin experience from companies that aid similar audiences and suggested an additional service that fits perfectly with Media Mall. By ‘suggested’ I mean she flipped open her book to a page filled with notes, references, and lots of colourful highlights. The idea she proposed was something we hadn’t yet considered so she wasn’t sure if it’s something that we would want to pursue therefore she came prepared with material to get things rolling. I am very excited about this idea, and we’re already working on making it happen.

I have always been the type of person that believes everyone has something valuable to offer that is outside their ‘official’ job description. It’s what helps make Media Mall what it is. Part of having an awesome team is having everyone actively involved in making the workplace better for clients, members and staff alike. I’m fortunate in the fact that the people who make up our team are innovative, engaged, and excited to take on the challenge of creating Media Mall.

Nimble teams make things happen

Smaller teams tend to be more agile, and quick in their ability to adapt to new trends and ideas. This adaptive reaction allows us to swiftly find and fill marketing gaps that occur in just about every organization. The conversations I had with Jesse and Renee both illustrate this quick and innovative way of thinking and thus have given me some added items to accomplish on this week’s to-do list.

The audio and video Jesse captured from our impromptu meeting has given us both some good marketing materials across several platforms, providing insight into the others and our own businesses. Renee’s suggestion didn’t suffer from delays in approval, and after our meeting I spoke with my partner.Within the hour I gave her the go ahead to do some more research so we can implement the new service before the end of the month.

Already I am enjoying the comradery that working with a small team brings.  The vast experience that members bring to Media Mall, the desire to add their own ideas and knowledge to the team, and the ability to absorb new trends and ideas quickly are what makes Media Mall such an interesting and dynamic place to find myself.